About GAMECOIN environment

It provides GAMECOIN as reward for user’s game time, and expands blockchain environment by using GAMECOIN as a means of transaction for products and services in various industries.



GAMECOIN environment creates and distributes GAMECOIN through 'GAMECOIN module.’
Games that the users play become the mining pool from the beginning to the end of game time. This mining pool measures game time, and becomes a powerful tool to verify blockchain.

Time is money

GAMECOIN is provided according to game time and status of users in the game, and it connects reward with real value. Users acquire coin as a reward for game time through blockchain verification module installed in the game.

A reward for game time that users have spent is the same as providing a reward for working time of workers. GAMECOIN is a strong bridge, which connects game time with real economy.

GAMECOIN and Expansion of Blockchain


Business Sector


April, 2018

  • Environment Planning

November, 2018

  • Market Analysis
  • Started developing GAMECOIN module

Aug, 2019

  • Cryptocurrency exchange partnership

1Q. 2020

  • Listed on Cryptocurrency Exchange

2Q. 2020

  • Build GAMECOIN Partner Network

3Q. 2020

  • Completed development of GAMECOIN module

4Q. 2020

  • Apply the game to the GAMECOIN module

2Q. 2021

  • Build Gameplay Platform

3Q. 2021

  • Coin One Shot Development

4Q. 2021

  • Build a Worldwide Network

GAMECOIN Sales Details

Total issue volume

Total issue volume 88,800,000,000 GAMECOIN

Sales Type

Ethereum ERC-20 token (Swarable since GAMECOIN main net release)

pre-sale participation means

participated in ETH

Means of public sale participation



The free GAMECOIN of the participant is subject to a lockout period of 1 month to 2 months depending on the conditions of entry, and the GAMECOIN of the public sale participant is not locked.